Do You Have Custom Containment Boom Needs We Can Help With?

Our knowledgeable and experienced workers at Seaforth Environmental can build any type of floating containment boom – custom made to meet your requirements. We use a variety of web materials and flotation units so that your boom is constructed to suit your exact specifications. Both our stationary and fully deployable booms are built in sections that are attached together to form a seamless continuous boom of virtually any length. Seaforth booms are built tough too. Strong enough to be towed by larger tugs and can be held in position by heavy anchors in places where tidal flow is an issue. We can also work with your engineers and designers to ensure the best installation possible for your application. Let us help your company the best way possible in keeping our ocean clean!

Custom Built Booms ... Right on site!

We are located in the heart of Vancouver Harbour which means less time and money on delivery costs. 

Custom made booms are our forte! We are dedicated to meeting your booming needs. We look forward to any and all requests..